Friday, October 9, 2009

I am alive

It has almost been a year since I posted. It was just I did not have too much good to really post about. Tom went a whole year without a job lying on his fat ass. Then once he got a job he refused to give me any money for anything. No money for food, clothes for the kids, utilities nothing. But he sure was willing to eat the food I bought and wash with the water I paid for. And still he had his money to go and do the things he wanted. But now it really does not matter. He took off to visit I assume a girl in IL and when he got back half the house was gone and so were the kids and I. I just up and left the house. I moved into a really nice apt. and believe it or not it is huge! I did not know they made apts. this big. I love the place. The kids love going to the pool and playground and how nice to not have to worry about yard work.
I am going to try and start posting again my life is so much better now. How nice is it to be happy again.