Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lily how I Celebrated

Well sad to say but I celebrated with a Raspberry Margarita. See I am not a big drinker but I do like to have a drink every now and then. And with this virus you can not drink. Not even a social drink every now and then. And just like when I was pregnant once you know you can’t drink that only makes you want one even more. At least with me. So once the Dr. told me I was clear I went to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner and had a Raspberry Margarita. And I have to say it tasted like sweet victory. And yes to me this is a victory. I only had a 20% chance to clear this virus on my own. There was more of a chance that it would not go away and I bet it. I am one of the rare few who showed symptoms in the beginning and went on to rid myself of the virus. But all the research I read said that those who go to show symptoms during the acute phase are more likely to clear this with their own immune system. And I have to say that the research was right that I read.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The best news I have heard in a long time

As of this moment I have cleared the virus. There is still a small chance that I it could still be there. The virus levels can fluctuate during the beginning of the infection so I go back again in two months for another check. But the chances of the next labs coming back bad are very low. So the way it stands right now I am clear of the virus and needless to say I am beyond thrilled. Thank you all so much who kept me in your thoughts. But I will also have to keep being checked for this once a year for years to come. But today I am happy!!!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's a good thing I don't carry a gun!

A guy here at my work just called to say he would not be in today because his girlfriend just lost their baby. So I tell the foreman he won’t be in today and why. And what he said to me just put me over the edge. He said well that is too bad. What was her (referring to the girl pregnant) problem what did she do wrong. Needless to say I lit into him informing him that she did nothing wrong. And he had better never say that again. How are people so stupid that they would think she did something to cause this. I can’t stand people and how dumb they are. I just hope nobody says anything like that to him or her. And heaven help us if they do and I hear it. I just want to take some people out sometimes.

Dr. Today and K's 5th Birthday

As you could see from no update I do not know anything yet. I did call the Dr. Office Wed. but they would not tell me anything other then yes my labs are back. They would not tell me what they said. I did not get the same girl on the phone. And the one I did get would not tell me anything. So I go back to the Dr. today at 2:30 and will know my fate. I am not feeling to hopeful but have my fingers crossed for good news. So needless to day today is going to go by very slow.

But on a good note Kirstin turned 5 yesterday!!!! I just can not believe that she has been here 5 years. On Saturday we had her Birthday party. I went really small this year. I had it at my mothers house since if I were to have it at mine it would have had to been huge. See if my neighbors see that I am having her a birthday part and do not invite them they will get insulted. And my neighbors have tones of kids. Just between 5 houses there are 16 kids. Then you add in the one’s she wanted to invite from school and her 5 cousins and look how many kids I would have had at my house. There would have been around 26 kids had I held it at my house. So this year we did it at my moms and only had 8 kids there. How nice that was.

Then Saturday night K and I went to the live taping of the finaly of the Cha.nel Games. And she got to see all of her favorite bands. There was the Bro-ther.s, Mil.e-y /, Gi.rls and some othersI did not know who they were. We had such a great time. And to see the look on her face when the people came onto stage was just priceless. I know need to see when the show airs because there is a chance that we could be on TV cheering in the crowd. So needless to say she had one great 5th Birthday. Now next month on to G’s 2nd birthday.

So wish me luck today at 2:30 for good news.