Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I know nobody probably even checks this anymore. But while checking on a blog I used to read I saw mine. And believe it or not I had forgot about this blog until then. But I thought hey why not update since so much has changed. I will start with the big news. This Saturday Nov. 16, 2013 I got remarried to a great man!! Kirstin is doing great she is tuning into such a beautiful young lady. She loves school and has always made the A honor roll. She is turning into a really girly girl which is hard for me. That is one thing I am not. I just can't believe that next year she will be in middle school. Gavin has been a hard child to raise. I noticed early on something was not right. So very had to deal with. Finally last year I had him evaluated. He has ADAHD and ODD. He is on meds and in therapy and has improved some but we still have a work left to do. He has struggled with school but for the first time got all A's on his last report card. I am so proud of both kids!! There are some people I used to read their blogs that I am friends with on FaceBook and love being able to stay up with them. Some of you have when password and I can no longer read your blogs (tried today). And some I did have the password for but can't remember it. I do hope everybody is doing well.