Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I know nobody probably even checks this anymore. But while checking on a blog I used to read I saw mine. And believe it or not I had forgot about this blog until then. But I thought hey why not update since so much has changed. I will start with the big news. This Saturday Nov. 16, 2013 I got remarried to a great man!! Kirstin is doing great she is tuning into such a beautiful young lady. She loves school and has always made the A honor roll. She is turning into a really girly girl which is hard for me. That is one thing I am not. I just can't believe that next year she will be in middle school. Gavin has been a hard child to raise. I noticed early on something was not right. So very had to deal with. Finally last year I had him evaluated. He has ADAHD and ODD. He is on meds and in therapy and has improved some but we still have a work left to do. He has struggled with school but for the first time got all A's on his last report card. I am so proud of both kids!! There are some people I used to read their blogs that I am friends with on FaceBook and love being able to stay up with them. Some of you have when password and I can no longer read your blogs (tried today). And some I did have the password for but can't remember it. I do hope everybody is doing well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi AJ. This is Rosepetal from way back when. I don't write my blog Moksha anymore but did happen to look at it today and clicked on one of your old comments which brought me here. Congratulations on getting remarried. Sounds like life took a turn for the better for you. I'm glad Gavin got a diagnosis, and Kirstin is doing so well. xxx RP