Monday, July 16, 2007

Time to get away

Once a year Tom and I try to get away at least for a weekend by ourselves. We usually do this on our anniversary. This year we are doing it before our anniversary. We are leaving Thursday to go to Ft. Laudale. And as much as I love my kids I am so ready for this adult break. We are going up there for a softball tournament for Tom but he does not play until Saturday so Thursday and Friday night we are going to live it up a little. I love this little break we get once a year. I use this time mostly to sleep since that is what I miss the most. He asked me the other day if I was going to come to the field and watch any games. Now he knows better then this. I never go to any of his games and I sure will not be there when I have a pool I could lay by or a nice cool hotel room to catch up on my sleep. What in the world was that silly man thinking even asking that.

I am so excited to get this little trip which means this week is going to feel very long waiting for Thursday to get here. And I know along with catching up on my sleep I will have one good night that I will get ripped. That is always fun to do every now and then.

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