Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I don't like their pick for Bob's replacement

I am a huge P.ri-ce is Ri.ght Fan. And I have to say that I do not think they made a good choice making Dre-w Carr.y the new host. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy and think he is funny I just don’t think he is a good fit for this show. Who knows I could be wrong but I think they could have found a better fit. This show will never be the same. I have a feeling it will not be as popular as it has in the past.

And while I am on the subject of TV here. Does anybody reading my blog watch L.o-st. I can’t seem to figure out when the new season is starting. I heard something about Feb. of 08 but to me that seems way to long between seasons. Does anybody out there now when the new season is coming back.


Catherine said...

I don't care for the first show, so I can't say that I mind the choice for host.

Yes, unfortunately, LOST will not be back until February.

In May 2007 it was announced that Lost will continue for a fourth, fifth, and sixth year, concluding with the 117th produced episode in May 2010. These three final seasons will consist of 16 episodes each, running weekly in the spring uninterrupted by repeats.

Artblog said...

Well, I started to watch and found it exasperating and promptly stopped watching, so cant help you with that question :)

Aurelia said...

Bob Barker was very popular so I yes there will be a slide in the ratings at some point, but hopefully the new guy can pull it up.

As for Lost, I tried but, got lost myself!

Try going to wikipedia and looking up the show. They sometimes have explanations for the story line twists and turns.

kad36 said...

I love Lost! It probably does start in February because that's what they did this past season. Hope everything is going well with you guys!